keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2008

Trying to evolve

We Finns have proverb about learning by "kantapään kautta", basically that means that we learn from our mistakes. This must be the one of most painful methods of education, but it sure is effective. If you are wondering what I am babbling about, then please read my first blog entry, because this entry is about BACKUPS.

An easy and pretty fast way to make a backup of Gentoo installation is by using script called Stage4. This archives your root partition either into single or multiple gzip's or bz2's. The script is easy to use and does not need much configuration. I am currently running it with default settings. During my first backup my root partition used 2.7GB and was compressed to 552MB. I am storing the backup-archive on my workstation, because even I cant wipe out two computers at once.

You can download the stage4-script from here. I advice you to read through it, the configuration is in the beginning, it is very well documented and is not that long. But basically you just drop the file to /usr/local/bin, chmod it to have execute rights and then execute the script. Script reports problems if there are some and the output is pretty self explanatory. Hopefully you don't have to learn the restoration process, but if you do, it is documented in the wiki.

Once my installation is ready, or at least "more complete", I will be writing a script that makes stage4 archive every week or so, and then transfers it to ftp-server. I also am planning on cloning the whole partition with a tool like dd or partimage, latter being a better (and more complicated) solution, because it does not backup the empty space on a partition. Current situation with my mirrored root drive gives some protection against a hardware malfunction, but offers only little against user mistakes.

So for the time being I am making stage4 archives from my root partition as backups and if you are using Gentoo, I advice you to do at least the same.

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