sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2008

Starting a new blog

Few nights ago I managed to corrupt my root-partition on my Linux-based HTPC machine. I was a little tired when migrating the system to RAID1 configuration, didn't make complete backups, and of course managed to hose things pretty badly. Ironically my objective was to make my system more durable by mirroring the system disk to second hard drive. Long story short, reiser filesystem in my / (root) partition is corrupted and no amount of reiserfsck-magic can make it whole again. So now I need to re-install the whole Gentoo based operating system.

At least that serves as a good learning experience, I am going to be more diligent about making backups from now on. This blog serves as a method to "back up" information about my installation process, so I have someplace to refer to when I am installing new HTPC system and can not exactly remember what needs to be done. Gentoo installation itself can be quite complicated process (at least when compared to easy-to-use modern distros like OpenSuse and Ubuntu) and making it fully HTPC cabable is not easy either.

And who knows, maybe this blog can help someone facing same problems.

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