tiistai 9. kesäkuuta 2009

Widening the scope

This blog started off as my personal diary, sort of, marking down my steps to Linux HTPC nirvana. Since the HTPC has been working pretty much flawlessly and I've been reluctant to fiddle with it, there has not been nothing to write about lately. So as of now I'm widening the scope of this blog to include also other things digital, besides just Linux and it's uses in HTPC.

The original intent of the blog will be tested soon. I've ordered couple new terabyte hard drives for my HTPC and they will house the new installation, actually the fourth incarnation of my personal HTPC. New drives are necessary because I don't want to lose my current setup so I've something to fall back onto in case something goes "horribly wrong". The old blog entries should come handy when I start anew, albeit this time around it will be Debian Linux not Gentoo. But more about that later on.

What those "other things digital", that I mentioned in the beginning of the entry, will be, I do not know yet. One idea is to blog about digital photography, a dear hobby of mine. Second thing is that I've been testing my mettle in screencasting lately and I would like to dedicate few blog entries to them next.

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