keskiviikko 23. heinäkuuta 2008

MMS 1.1.0 nearing completition

MMS picture browser in action.

Release candidate 7 (RC7 for short) of the MyMediaSystem 1.10 was released yesterday. This might actually also be the last RC before the final 1.10. Before final release the build needs to be tested and the bugs need to be squashed, but I have to say I so far have not found any. I have skipped last three of the RC's because my system has been working very well and I've been consciously trying to avoid fixing anything that is not broken. Also there has not been so important features (for me) to be worth the hassle. RC7 is completely different matter though and it actually has two "must have" new features that I could not just pass by.

The user interface in RC7 has had a major upgrade, it finally scales nicely to high definition TV resolutions. I use mine in 1080p (1920x1080 pixels) and previously the interface components, like text and icons were very small. But now the interface scales nicely to higher resolutions, my main menu is still a bit crowded but that is mainly because as experiment I enabled almost every feature in MMS, now I will just cut down to what I use.

Also the selection indicator in the browsers (video-, audio- and picture-collections) is now much clearer, it zooms the selected icon to be larger and it now makes it a lot easier to browse a big collection. The interface also seems to be more responsive or it might just have to do with the improved lirc-configuration, but anyway I am very pleased with the new interface.

Go here to see the complete changelog and list of new features. At the moment the download host seems to be down, but there is a working link to the source code few postings down.

Weather-plugin is old news, it was already included in previous versions,
but it now integrates to right hand corner notification area
(as demonstrated in the audio browser screenshot) with clock.

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